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It’s really quite simple…..

Over 60 million homes with central HVAC run their system 100% of the time during their peak usage season. For some, it’s burning natural gas to heat their homes in the winter, for others it using electricity to cool their homes with A/C. In a 24 hour period, that could easily mean 10,12,14 hours or more of burning energy. It’s no wonder that the single largest source of WASTED energy in most households is from dirty air filters. Just a 20% clogged filter turns 10 hours of run time into 12 hours, it turns 15 hours into 18 hours. 2 to 3 extra hours of HVAC run time a day translates into over $1 WASTED everyday in most areas of the country.

So if your filter is clogged 20% after 30 days and you wait 60 days to change it, you just wasted over $30. Remember, your filter continues to get more and more clogged. What started out at 20%, probably ended up closer to 40%

In most cases a simple $3 filter would save an enormous amount of energy and that gets translated to lower energy bills.

So why is it that less than 12% of households do not properly maintain their HVAC filter? Could it be that the filter says 90 days right on it? Maybe we think the filter guys have already made filters so efficient that they only need to be changed when they finally fold into the duct? Could it be that over the last 60 years society has gotten busier and busier and the last thing we do when we get home from a long hard day of work, is to look for something to fix in the house? The answer to the question is ‘Human Nature”. A homeowner will react to what impresses them most and/or the least path of resistance. “Recommended change 90 days”, stretching dollars because of a lost job, getting a ladder out or not,: education, trust and automation are means to combat human nature.

PoG Technologies developed FilterWatch as an alert system for clogged HVAC filters. We may not be able to change the filter for you but we will flash, beep, send you a notification on your mobile device and even send you a filter when it is 25% clogged. Anything we can do to get you to change the HVAC filter(s), save you money and reduce the demand on service providers during peak usage seasons. And the best part, FilterWatch will pay for itself in less than 1 peak HVAC run time season.